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Sustainable Wedding Planners in Virginia

You've always done things a little differently...

You shop local, vote, donate to your favorite causes, recycle, ride public transit, and would rather forge your own path than follow the rules. 

You’re intentional. An activist. A change maker. 

And now that you’re getting married, you’re going to do it differently too. We all know that weddings can be expensive, but planning a party at the expense of your values? That’s too high a price to pay.

Let's plan your values based wedding

"On our actual wedding day, she was a warrior. It was like buying an airline ticket and then showing up to board the flight and being upgraded to first class."   
— Caitlyn & Jake

Party for the Planet

Molds are made to be broken. And the disposable, waste-intensive, unintentional wedding planning mold? It’s time to compost it. With Compass Rose Coordination, you’ll show your friends and family that you care just as much about their good time as you care about your values and your planet.

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Salt-of-the-Earth Staff

Led by experienced wedding planner Jenna Rose (she/her), our team is all about green: making your wedding day greener, and saving you green along the way. That’s because we believe that creating a sustainable marriage and a sustainable world go hand-in-hand.

Meet Our Green Team

You wear your heart on your sleeve and we do, too. Get ready to hear our honest opinions and feel supported as you buck bygone traditions. 


Looking for logistical masters who live for communication, deadlines, and the little details? You’re in the right place.


We spend as much time creating an inclusive and affirming environment as we do planning weddings that protect it.


To us, a dream wedding is one that aligns with your values. We’ll help you plan a celebration Mother Earth would be proud of.


Our Compass Rose Guides Us Toward...

“Jenna knows weddings inside and out. She and her staff pay special attention to what you need, and they make that day so flawless and beautiful. Thank you Jenna & Madison for going above and beyond!”
— Elaine, Mother of the Groom

Get Inspired

Throwing a kick-ass party and protecting our planet can be easy and beautiful — we know because we’ve done it a zillion times. Check out our past sustainable Norfolk weddings and get inspired.

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It’s Time to Bust a Myth

Planning an eco-friendly wedding doesn’t have to be so damn hard. In fact, all you have to do is make one sustainable choice, and the rest will be easy: hire Compass Rose Coordination. Whether we plan and design your day from scratch or bring your well-laid plans to life, our sustainable practices make sure your wedding day celebrates your values as much as your love.

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